We are pleased to announce that Mike Yang will assume leadership of GC Die casting company as its President, effective April 1st of 2019, With this promotion, Mike will be President of both GC plastic mold manufacturer and die casting manufacturer, with a mandate from the shareholders to use the Companies’ combined capabilities to deliver outstanding value to their OEM customers and grow our sales in both metal and plastic molding parts.

Mike came to GC mold two years ago with an extensive background in operations and general management, first in institutional and retail furnishings and then in lighting and sound equipment for the public safety sector. Mike has applied that experience successfully to the challenges faced by GC as Vice President of Operations and then President. He has quickly grasped the critical success factors in these businesses and has been highly effective as a leader to our people and as a spokesperson to our customers.

With this change, Mike’s primary office will move from the plastic mold company to GC Die casting department. He will directly supervise the GC MOLD staff who have reported to GC die casting company, and will continue to supervise the GC plastic mold factory senior management team.

We are excited about bringing GC plastic mold company and die casting company closer through Mike. Many of customers purchase both die casting parts and plastic molding parts and we had already begun efforts to cross-sell our capabilities to existing and new customers. We believe that Mike’s vision across both businesses will help identify other opportunities for sharing resources and best practices, increasing our success in very competitive environments. Mike is an energetic student and teacher, and his manufacturing expertise is ideal for leading businesses that provide outsourced manufacturing services to OEMs.

Those of you who have worked with Mike also know that he combines that expertise with a deep interest in and affinity for the development of individuals and teams. He understands that business is a human enterprise and that the businesses’ success cannot be separated from that of each of our associates personally and as a group. We look forward with great anticipation to our shared success under Mike’s leadership and we hope you will join us in congratulating him and offering him all of your support and encouragement.