1/3 of western price, die casting machines 120 to 1650 T

Aluminium die casting manufacturer in China (GC Precision Mold Co., Ltd ). has over 20 years of practical experience in custom aluminum die casting manufacturing. We offer efficient, excellent aluminum die casting services with the most economic solutions. We offer state-of-the-art production technology for custom die casting products.

We are committed to produce high quality die casting products in aluminum, zinc, magnesium, providing total customer satisfaction and delivering Chinese made value, competitively and quickly. Most of our products are exported to USA, Canada, and Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Norway in western Europe.

To support varieties customers needs we have high pressure die casting machines from 120 tonnages to 1650 Tonnages and Gravity casting we can produce part weight up to 50 kg. We look forward to servicing your custom aluminum die casting needs.

Metal Die Casting

GC precision Mould Co., Ltd is a top-class Metal Die Casting Parts Manufacturer in China, specializing in Die CastingHigh Pressure Die Casting and Die Stamping on Auto Parts, Engine Parts and Motorcycle Parts, etc.  If you are looking for aluminium die casting and metal stamping Service Supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@aludiecasting.com

The casting industry is an essential component in the American industrial machine. There’s no denying the importance of casting to manufacturing, as an extensive variety of finished manufactured parts involve one or more die cast products. Casting is one of the most effective means by which metal products with complex profiles can be created. Just of few of the many possible die casting products include RF housings, bearing housings, compressor bearing caps, lock hardware and even linear actuators.Metal die casting

The casting process makes the production of complex metal products possible. This is achieved by taking a shot of molten, usually non-ferrous metal such as aluminium, tin, magnesium or zinc, among other materials, and forcing it into a specially-designed die cavity. The die is designed to give the molten metal shape as it is forced around its contours. The molten metal is forced into the die by the pressure created by a piston. Once the metal has taken shape, it solidifies as the metal cools. Once adequately hardened, the metal is ejected from the die and sent for secondary processes such as de-flashing, buffing, grinding and painting.

Metal Die casting is a popular process because it is highly effective, produces parts with high consistency and can be used to create any variety of parts. The limit to the number of possible die cast parts is equal to the limits of engineers’ imaginations; it’s simply a matter of designing a die that can be used to create die-cast parts. The main advantages to die casting are the process’s high output, the high dimensional accuracy of die-cast products, the reduced need for secondary finishing processes compared to other metal forming processes and the high tensile strength of castings. The initial investment in casting tools can be very expensive, but large enough product runs over a long enough period of time can more than recover these costs.

Mean Metal Die Casting Products we offer:
  • aluminium die casting
  • zinc die casting
  • alloy die casting
  • aluminium alloy die casting
  • zinc alloy die casting

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Established in 1999, GC Precision Mold Co. ltd (Was Aluminium die casting manufacturer (China) Limited ), is now becoming one of the leading global suppliers of high quality die casting parts and machining of nonferrous metal products.

Our production line include but not limited to aluminium die casting, zinc die casting, bronze sand casting, aluminum gravity casting, CNC precision machining. our products were recognized and certified by ISO 9001, we always ready to be your trusted partner and supplier in China.

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