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GC Precision Mold Co.ltd, before was Aluminium die casting (China) Ltd. located in China, is die casting mold manufacturer, die casting parts factory, which has the head office in Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, we have two manufacturing company for die casting molds, die casting products, such as high pressure die casting, Gravity Casting, Sand Casting, metal casting, Forging casting.

Resident Senior Western Management permanently monitor the development of products, projects, the manufacturing processes, the Quality Assurance and Control. By carrying out assembly operations in our own plant we can ensure the quality of complex, engineered, critical to manufacture products and protect the intellectual property of our customers.

Fine blanking machinery used for Automotive components, power tool components and textile machinery components. The process of fine blanking holds very tight tolerances and sometimes can eliminate secondary operations. Materials that can be fine blanked include aluminum, brass, copper and carbon, alloy and stainless steels.

Stamping: Used for sheet metal Precision Automotive and Bicycle components.

Gear machining
External & internal gears, Spur gears, Helical gears, Double helical gears; Bevel gears, Hypoid gears; Worm gear; Rack and pinion; Sun and planet gear; Non-circular gear; Harmonic Drive gear. Especially used in Electro-Mechanical, Automotive, Oil & Gas field machinery, Metallurgical and other heavy industries etc.

CNC Lathe: Used for components of Metallurgical machinery, Oil and Gas machinery, Water treatment machinery, Power station machinery and Locomotive appliance.

Precision CNC Lathe: Used for high precision lathe components for textile machinery, mechanical parts of watches and pressure meters, bearing components etc.

CNC EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining)
High precision tooling, rapid prototyping and precision machining.

Powder metal pressing
Used for Automotive and Motorcycle Components, Oil Pump Components, Textile Machinery.

Powder metal sintering
Used for Automotive and Motorcycle Components, Oil Pump Components, Textile Machinery

Important characteristics of our Assembly Line:

1. In process inspectors after each assembly point.
2. Clear visual guides in two languages.
3. Clear Inspection guides.
4. Non conforming bins at each station.
5. Emergency line stop at each inspection station, requires supervisor and QC manager to restart the line.
6. Trained workers specific to each station.

Products Gallery

zinc die casting Zinc die castings brass die casting brass die casting parts aluminum die casting Aluminium die casting parts zinc die casting parts brass gravity casting


LED Lamp Heat Sink Components, Marine Components, Architectural Hardware Components, auto components, Mechanical Engineering Components, Automobile Parts, LED lighting enclosure & parts, window and door Hardware, Sports Equipment Components, Automotive Components, Electric Tool Parts.

About Us

Established in 1999, GC Precision Mold Co. ltd (Was Aluminium die casting manufacturer (China) Limited ), is now becoming one of the leading global suppliers of high quality die casting parts and machining of nonferrous metal products.

Our production line include but not limited to aluminium die casting, zinc die casting, bronze sand casting, aluminum gravity casting, CNC precision machining. our products were recognized and certified by ISO 9001, we always ready to be your trusted partner and supplier in China.

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